You need to stand out. WIN Collaboratory™ is here to show you how!

WIN Collaboratory™ and its informative Startup Kit will help you craft a better idea by focusing on the early stage business planning process — a far-too-often overlooked exercise. Journey through the four stages to build a solid portfolio, business plan, financial plan, and more.

So you want to start a business?

A WINning Approach

WIN Collaboratory's Startup Kit provides an approach that improves your chances of success.

Survive & Thrive

Our Startup Kit allows you to be among the limited number of businesses that survive beyond their first few years.

Successful Launch

The Startup Kit offers a practical and streamlined series of steps that allows an individual to assess the feasibility of launching their Entrepreneurial Business Idea.

Stand Out Among Startups

The Startup Kit will help you stand out as you compete with other startups for external funding opportunities.

All-Inclusive Package

Upon the Kit's completion, you will have everything you need to prepare a business plan, launch your business , and talk with funders.

Travel the Pathway

Developing your dream business is an important journey to be traveled with care, and we at WIN Collaboratory have prepared our "Idea Validation Pathway" to keep you on the right track.

What's inside the Starter Kit?

Here are some tools to help develop, validate and execute an Entrepreneurial Business Idea. The WIN system serves as a pre-cursor to other models by helping quickly assess the feasibility of launching an Idea.

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